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The Best of the Best: Litigation

Issued: March 29 2018

After extensive consultation with corporate counsel, we present you 26 litigators in 13 jurisdictions around the Asia-Pacific region who we believe are among the best in the region for IP dispute resolution.

Andy Leck; Catherine Zheng; Crystal J Chen; Daru Lukiantono; Dedar Singh Gill; Earl Gray; Editha Hechanova; Eiichiro Kubota; Hongyi Jiang; Ian Finch; Jae Hoon Kim; Jay Young-June Yang; Kherk Ying Chew; Michael Soo; Michael Williams; Peter Chalk; Philip Kerr; Pravin Anand; Rutorn Nopakun; Shaun McVicar; Stanley Lai; Sue Gilchrist; Tee Jim Tan; Xia Zheng; Xiang Wang; Yongbo Li

The list has been compiled by staff members at Asia IP with input from corporate counsel active in Asia and the Pacific. There is no ranking or order among the 26, nor was any formal voting process involved. 


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