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Maung Maung Thein Appointed As Executive Chairman Of ZICO Law Myanmar

Issued: September 29 2017

ZICO Holdings Inc has appointed Myanmar’s former Deputy Minister of Finance, Maung Maung Thein, as the executive chairman of ZICO Law Myanmar, the group’s subsidiary, in Yangon, with effect from September 1, 2017. This new appointment is part of ZICO’s continuing effort to support the growth of ZICO Law Myanmar. With over four decades of experience in both the private and public sectors, Maung Maung Thein has represented the Ministry of Finance on subject matters including international relations, state-owned banking and also non-banking financial sectors. His achievements include the establishment and liberalization of Myanmar’s insurance sector and the historic commencement of the Yangon Stock Exchange in 2016. In addition, Maung Maung Thein is widely known for his work in international affairs, and his specializations for both banking and non-banking financial sectors.


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