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IP Week @ Singapore officially opens

Issued: August 22 2016

Dr. Stanley Lai addresses guests at the welcome reception for IP Week @ Singapore.

Darren Barton, Singapore - "IP is too important to be left in the hands of IP lawyers”, joked Dr. Stanley Lai, Chairman of IPOS, at the welcome reception opening Singapore IP Week@Singapore. Lai was quoting his colleague Daren Tang, Chief Executive, IPOS.


“IPOS celebrated our 15th anniversary in April this year and for those of us who operate on a day-to-day basis in the IP ecosystem, we know the changes that have been made to IPOS from inception. Our new vision is to be a global partner for IP” commented Lai. “We think of ourselves as enablers in helping businesses to harness the use of IP, and also to take technology, brands and content to the world”


“IPOS is committed to innovation. We consider it to be vital; we consider it to be essential for the future needs of the global economy. We also consider that it encompasses IP, and works alongside IP” continued Lai. “What we really need to do and come to terms with is how innovation exists alongside intellectual property, and how each respective discipline feeds on the other when it comes to business decisions, when it comes to exploitation, and also realisation of all the gains that we expect from the system.”


Commenting specifically on IP Week @ Singapore, which is jointly organized by IPOS, Lai explained that the event, now in its fifth installment, is focused on unlocking IP value for businesses.


“There is nothing greater, in my mind, than to encounter a client, or some other company, that has a good idea and that wants to take to market. We have a lot of practitioners here, we also have a lot of senior policy advisers, interested persons and academics—all thought leaders in your own right—that are going to be able to inform the discussion over the next few days, on how we make and incorporate the use of IP into the DNA for companies and corporations.”


IP Week @ Singapore runs from 22 to 24 August at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.


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