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Rajah & Tann Singapore Launches Flexible Insourcing Service

Issued: September 30 2015

Rajah & Tann Singapore has launched a flexible insourcing service to provide experienced lawyers to companies who need inhouse counsel on short-term contracts and project-specific work. R&T Asia Resources, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rajah & Tann Singapore, will procure professionals with relevant legal qualifications and experience, including Rajah & Tann alumni, who can work during high demand periods or on projects where specialist skills are needed, the firm said through a statement.


“This service will help our clients contain legal costs and control headcount when they need additional in-house legal support during peak periods or when there is an on-going complex project,” said Rajah & Tann Singapore’s managing partner Lee Eng Beng. “The insourced professionals will also be able to rely on the expertise, reach and full suite of legal services of Rajah & Tann Asia’s offices across Southeast Asia where necessary.”


R&T Asia Resources is looking to tap into a growing trend among Singaporeans to work part-time. According to Singapore’s Manpower Ministry labour force report last year, 10.5% of the resident workforce was part-time workers, up from 6.8% in 2008.


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