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Intellectual Property Explorer Debuts Chinese Version

Issued: July 01 2011

Hong Kong’s Intellectual Property Department has debuted the Chinese version of the free online intellectual property audit tool, Intellectual Property Explorer, to help businesses identify and protect their IP assets.

Developed by the government intellectual property offices of Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore under the auspices of Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation, Intellectual Property Explorer is designed to help the business sector, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), realize and profit from their intellectual property assets. The tool is accessible at

According to a statement from the Hong Kong government, the site contains a series of interactive diagnostic questions to help users review each piece of IP in the business. After undertaking the IP audit, users can generate reports that contain recommendations in relation to areas of concern or uncertainty about their IP, or improvement in IP protection strategies.

Intellectual Property Explorer provides English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions. The English version was launched in August 2010, and the Chinese version came into operation in May 2011.


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