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FB Rice Award Fosters Innovation, Research

Issued: March 01 2011
Dr Leonid Ryzhyk, who works in the Trustworthy Embedded Systems project at National ICT Australia’s (NICTA) Neville Roach Laboratory in Sydney, has been named winner of the 2011 FB Rice NICTA Innovation Award.

“Given the quality of the research being conducted at NICTA, it was very difficult to choose a winner,” said Brett Lunn, managing partner of FB Rice. “There were a number of close runners-up, but in the end, Leonid’s use-inspired vision and dedication to the patent process won the day.”

The NICTA Trustworthy Embedded Systems project is doing research into new techniques to create more reliable computer systems. Although this kind of scientific work tends to be less familiar than Australian biotechnology and environmental research, it already has a huge impact on the lives of every Australian, said FB Rice in a prepared statement. The ‘embedded systems’ technology that drives computers is also present in ordinary objects like washing machines and automobiles. Embedded systems are also central to the operation of many life-supporting medical devices, like pacemakers.

“The research we do is often over long periods of time and covers very complex materials,” said Ryzhyk. “It is often very difficult to provide articulate and succinct material for such broadbased research, so I am very pleased to see my efforts in that area rewarded.”

In February 2010, Ryzhyk submitted an invention disclosure and after numerous complex drafts, this was eventually filed as a patent application called ‘Co-design of a Testbench and Driver of a Device.’ The judges noted that Ryzhyk was especially diligent in preparing an articulate and succinct invention disclosure, promptly reviewing drafts and answering questions from FB Rice attorneys, and reviewing prior art search reports in a precise and helpful manner.

In making the award, Lunn emphasized that Australia has an “understated yet extremely proud global reputation” as the source of many important innovations. “With this contribution, we seek to acknowledge and inspire some quiet achievers who are making innovation count for Australia by actively engaging with the patent process.”


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