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MdME: The First Macau Firm In Hong Kong

Issued: October 31 2018

MdME has become the first Macau-based law firm to set up in Hong Kong following approval from the Law Society of Hong Kong to register as a foreign law firm to practice Macau law in Hong Kong. MdME opened its Hong Kong office on October 23, the same day the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge was opened. MdME says it will soon also become the first law firm to have offices in the three jurisdictions of the Greater Bay Area once it receives approval to open its office on Hengqin Island in Zhuhai.

The first says that the opening of MdME’s Hong Kong office is motivated by various market developments and trends in Macau, the Greater Bay Area and in a number of Portuguese speaking countries globally. “These developments will increase business and economic activities between Hong Kong and Macau and will open up significant opportunities for Hong Kong corporations, investors and financial institutions,” the firm said in a statement. MdME also foresees economic activities emanating from the Chinese mainland as providing new collaborative business opportunities between Macau and Hong Kong.


The strong medium-term development potential of Hengqin Island is expected to soon start attracting Hong Kong businesses, investors and developers. The island is designated a special economic district named Hengqin New Area and has adopted a legal system similar in nature to the legal framework in Macau.


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