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Leveraging IP   2018-10-31
As awareness of the importance of IP is increasing, people want better use of their intangible assets. Johnny Chan reveals how they can accomplish this.
Ready License One   2018-04-30
Before Chucky, Gundam, King Kong, T-Rex, Godzilla, etc., could appear in blockbuster Ready Player One, they had to be licensed first. Johnny Chan speaks with the field experts to prep you on being a g...
As much as they might want to, companies simply cannot take all their IP work in-house and must outsource at some point, but who, what, when, where, why and how should work be outsourced? Lawyers acro...
The tactics involved with pursuing patent litigation vary in different countries. Johnny Chan looks at various jurisdictions and gets expert advice on the art of the lawsuit.
Infernal Affairs   2016-04-29
Nowadays, commercial espionage is common amongst companies that hold valuable intellectual property rights. We therefore must learn how to protect our secrets from leaking out. Johnny Chan reports.
Both antitrust and IP regulations are vital for the well-being of any society, despite their love-hate relationship. Lawyers across ASEAN tell Johnny Chan about these laws.
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