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A Guide to Asia's Trademark Laws     
Patent lawyers are a unique breed - part lawyer, part scientist, part tech guru, Asia IP celebrates 50 patent lawyers in 15 juridsictions around Asia and the Pacific who we believe are among the best ...
In this issue, Asia IP celebrates the oldest, most passionate and most intriguing field of the practice of law – litigation. For the first time, we present you 50 litigators in 14 jurisdictions around...
The franchising model has exploded across ASEAN, from Singapore to the Philippines to Thailand. Lawyers from around the region explain why it has become such a popular way of doing business, and why i...
Holding Back the Tide   2013-04-01
As counterfeiting continues to provide a high-gain, low-risk reward to criminals, IP owners and lawyers alike struggle to stop the tide of fake goods. Gregory Glass reports.
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