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China Shows its Hand   2013-05-13
Anna Zhang looks into China’s intellectual property regime: pluses and minuses between squatting, copying and inconsistent application of law.
As patent lawyers in some Asian jurisdictions are learning to work with amended patent laws, others hope for revised laws to take root. Lawyers from around the region help Asia IP explain what’s new i...
As trademark practitioners around Asia adjusting to new laws, amendments and changes, regional practice is moving closer and closer to meeting international standards. Anna Zhang and Johnny Chan unrav...
Copycat Culture   2011-11-01
Despite first-class legislation and periodic crackdowns on infringement, China’s intellectual property rights environment remains deeply flawed. George W Russell reports on who’s winning and losing am...
Getting a Good Result   2011-11-01
Contrary to popular opinion, foreign companies and inventors can effectively protect their intellectual property rights in China, say local IP lawyers. Gregory Glass reports from Beijing.
Over the past several months, Asia IP polled thousands of in-house counsel and private practitioners in order to find the best trademark law firms or practices in Asia and the Pacific.
Chinese Conundrums   2010-04-01
China is gradually bringing its IP legislation up to globally acceptable standards, while the judicial system is taking greater note of stakeholders’ interests in key cases. However, the overall IP re...
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