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Singapore has made an impressive effort to be known as Southeast Asia’s innovation hub. But is the city-state getting its money’s worth? Gregory Glass reports from Singapore.
Singapore continues to make steady progress in building a sophisticated IP ecosystem. Simon Lee reports on the IP regime which is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world.
 Developments outside ASEAN may be bringing harmonization to Southeast Asia, whether it is wanted or not. Darren Barton spoke with delegates at the ASEAN Intellectual Property Association’s Annual Mee...
External Affairs   2016-04-29
When intellectual property rights are illicitly sold and found, what strategies should right holders employ to enforce their assets? Should they go heavy-handed or not? Johnny Chan has all the answers...
Drop the Beat   2016-02-29
Technology has transformed our music-buying and selling patterns, but does it only come with benefits? Copyright experts across Asia paint a bigger picture with Johnny Chan.
A Guide to Asia's Copyright Laws
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