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IP Experts 2019   2019-01-31
Complex IP issues demand outstanding legal experts, but identifying the very best IP lawyers in Asia can be a tricky business. We hope the latest edition of IP Experts will make it that process a litt...
A strong increase in IP filings in the Philippines leads to the obvious question: Why? Gregory Glass reports on the increase, and on how new legislation could affect the practice for IP owners and law...
Industrial design rights in the Philippines are governed by Part II of the country’s IP code. Editha R. Hechanova examines some recent industrial design cases.
Patent subject matter eligibility sounds like a straight-forward concept, but it is not so in practice. Johnny Chan takes us around the world to see how jurisdictions interpret eligibility differently...
Before Sue-set   2017-07-31
After all settlement claims are made and no agreement is reached, litigation will be inevitable. Johnny Chan explains how to walk through the storm.
IPOPHL Joins TMview   2015-04-30
Litigation can be a costly and time-consuming process. Editha Hechanova, Chrissie Ann Barredo and Maria Leah Lara explore alternative methods of trademark enforcement in the Philippines.
When legal matters are outsourced, in-house counsel become clients of external lawyers. Amanda Shuai looks into the cooperation between the lawyers from each side as their relationship evolves.
After months of research, Asia IP will soon reveal the best trademark, patent and copyright practices in Asia. Gregory Glass outlines the methodology.
New intellectual property procedure rules handed down by the Supreme Court of the Philippines could result in that country dropping off the USTR’s watch list, says Editha R Hechanova.
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