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Since the launch of China’s IP courts in 2014, thousands of cases have been litigated. Haiyan Wu and Shengping Yang share tips on how to best use the courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
Even when a patent owner wins a case and is awarded damages, the damages awarded by Chinese courts are generally very low. Guoxu Yang explores alternative approaches to fighting patent infringement in...
Both antitrust and IP regulations are vital for the well-being of any society, despite their love-hate relationship. Lawyers across ASEAN tell Johnny Chan about these laws.
As the new Indonesian copyright law has raised some concerns from the IP community about its exceptions or permitted uses, Johnny Chan talks with local experts to reveal everything.
The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore has indicated there may be upcoming changes to the Singapore Patents Act. Hubert Giam and David Ng report on what could be in store for patent owners.