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Writing during one of the most prolonged heat waves to hit Hong Kong in years, Michelle Ko asks what role IP plays in the future of our planet.
Do Business, Not War   2018-07-31
Michelle Ko peers into the vast abyss of the China-US trade war, and the complicated considerations that surround it.
In part one of a two-part series, seasoned IP practitioners share with Michelle Ko noteworthy enforcement cases – some intriguing, others outright whimsical, and all useful pointers in the rapidly cha...
Chinese law provides for particular measures to help the IP right owners obtain evidence so that their IP rights can be protected effectively. Deqiang Zhu explains.
Ready License One   2018-04-30
Before Chucky, Gundam, King Kong, T-Rex, Godzilla, etc., could appear in blockbuster Ready Player One, they had to be licensed first. Johnny Chan speaks with the field experts to prep you on being a g...
“To be or not to be” is what Hamlet famously asks himself, but Slater & Gordon may have given the existential question a legal twist, reports Michelle Ko.
Johnny Chan examines the future of pharma in India and Taiwan.