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As Myanmar continues to modernize its legal system, revisions to the country’s outdated IP laws continue to lag. Say Sujintaya and Chadd Concepcion explain why rights owners should act now to protect ...
A new impact study released today by the International Trademark Association (INTA) reports that industries which intensively use trademarks contribute significantly to five major economies in the Ass...
IPOS partners with Deloitte to expand Singapore’s IP commercialisation and financial advisory capabilities, and strengthen global networks for enterprises to scale up and internationalise
“Intellectual property will drive the future economy through the use of innovation and IP growth strategies” said K. Shanmugam, Minister for Law and Home Affairs in the Singapore government.
What happens when two tech giants clash in the IP field? Allegations of copying look-and-feel abound, but the heart of this dispute concerns an application for registration of the MI PAD trade mark. ...
Before Sue-set   2017-07-31
After all settlement claims are made and no agreement is reached, litigation will be inevitable. Johnny Chan explains how to walk through the storm.
For more than a year, the Beijing IP Court has been working to expedite trademark litigation in relation to review of refusal cases. Haiyan Wu explains how practice has changed.
Indonesia’s patent law is evolving to include recognition of microorganisms. Cita Citrawinda examines how the changes will enhance protection for patents of microorganisms.