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CLEANING UP   2019-01-31
Research into oil spill cleanup technology has exploded since the Deepwater Horizon sank in 2010.
IP Experts 2019   2019-01-31
Complex IP issues demand outstanding legal experts, but identifying the very best IP lawyers in Asia can be a tricky business. We hope the latest edition of IP Experts will make it that process a litt...
Assess-Men’s Creed   2017-08-31
IP attorneys and service providers talk to Johnny Chan about the methods of IP valuation, associated challenges as well as ways to overcome them.
More than 450 delegates from 35 different countries converged on New Delhi in January to participate in the 8th Global Intellectual Property Convention. Darren Barton reports on some of the convention...
Patent practitioners engaged in patent prosecution and lawmakers alike have been aiming for a global reach for patents, as highlighted by the IP5 PPH and Global PPH agreements entering into force rece...
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