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Experts discuss the latest regulations for the pharmaceutical industry with Johnny Chan, as well as sharing tips on how to protect companies’ patent portfolios, particularly during times when their dr...
Woon Chooi Yew from Dentons Rodyk & Davidson is one of Singapore’s best-rounded IP lawyers. She chats with Asia IP about the use of technology in work, Singapore’s successful franchises and her accide...
Singapore has made an impressive effort to be known as Southeast Asia’s innovation hub. But is the city-state getting its money’s worth? Gregory Glass reports from Singapore.
Whether you are an attendee of LESI 2017 or not, this feature will help you dive into the kaleidoscopic licensing world, which can drive your IP business forward. Johnny Chan reports.
In factories far, far away… an empire of counterfeits is formed and becomes the death star for brands. Comprising trademark lawyers and Asia IP’s Johnny Chan, the rebellion is ready to destroy the blu...
A recent report on illicit trade gave Singapore a surprisingly bad score. Simon Lee reports.
At a glittering ceremony at the Weston Nusa Dua Resort, Asia IP will announce the winners of the 2016 Asia IP Awards. Here we highlight the shortlist.
Drug War   2016-03-31
Experts across jurisdictions share with Johnny Chan about the legal changes impacting the pharmaceutical industry as well as their handling of pharma cases large and small.
Jumping Through Hoops   2016-03-31
As pharmaceutical companies navigate recent changes in legislation and jurisprudence, Johnny Chan learns from experts about patent law loopholes – and the future of the industry.
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