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Pharma Killer   2018-11-30
Attorneys tell Johnny Chan how to prevent litigation in the pharmaceutical industry, from a business and a government perspective.
Patent 10 Million   2018-09-28
Experts across Asia and the Pacific take Johnny Chan to see the latest in patent work in their jurisdictions – and whether they are close to matching the 10 million patents issued by the USPTO earlier...
When companies in the food and beverage sector set out to protect their intellectual property rights, they all tend to make similar mistakes. Lawyers give Johnny Chan the inside scoop on what to avoid...
After learning how software patents operate in the business world, let’s see how different patent offices handle them. Johnny Chan reports.
Patent subject matter eligibility sounds like a straight-forward concept, but it is not so in practice. Johnny Chan takes us around the world to see how jurisdictions interpret eligibility differently...
Assess-Men’s Creed   2017-08-31
IP attorneys and service providers talk to Johnny Chan about the methods of IP valuation, associated challenges as well as ways to overcome them.
Plans to harmonize ASEAN IP laws are underway. Lawyers from around the region tell Gregory Glass what they expect from the efforts.
My name is Johnny. While the Umbrella Corporation has been stopped to bring life from death in the movies, the war against pharmaceutical counterfeiters in the real world is just getting started. This...
The Perfect Line   2016-11-30
Parallel imports are a huge issue for brands. Johnny Chan asks lawyers from Asia’s main manufacturing jurisdictions about how they monitor their supply chains.
Landmarks   2016-10-17
In preparation for the annual Asia IP Awards in Bali this month, the staff at Asia IP has reviewed hundreds of cases submitted by law firms around the region. Simon Lee shares some of the best.
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