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Leveraging IP   2018-10-31
As awareness of the importance of IP is increasing, people want better use of their intangible assets. Johnny Chan reveals how they can accomplish this.
Before Sue-set   2017-07-31
After all settlement claims are made and no agreement is reached, litigation will be inevitable. Johnny Chan explains how to walk through the storm.
Before Sue-rise   2017-07-31
Much can be done by both law firms and companies to resolve disputes before hitting litigation. Johnny Chan reveals the secrets.
The winners of the 2012 Asia IP Awards have been announced. Gregory Glass reports from Chiang Mai, where he catches up with the winners.  
In October, Asia IP recognized and rewarded the top patent and trademark practices in Asia at the 2010 Asia IP Awards. Based solely on the votes of corporate counsel worldwide, the results revealed so...
When it comes to the cross-border nature of intellectual property rights enforcement, Matthew Laight, managing partner for China at Bird & Bird, summed it up perfectly when he told Asia IP the followi...
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