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External Affairs   2016-04-29
When intellectual property rights are illicitly sold and found, what strategies should right holders employ to enforce their assets? Should they go heavy-handed or not? Johnny Chan has all the answers...
Ambition Unleashed   2015-03-31
China is interested in more than just becoming the world’s largest economy: It also wants to strengthen its position with intellectual property. Lily Zhang reports.
Whether you're ready to license a patent, a fast-food franchise or the latest software, you'll almost certainly want the help of a licensing lawyer. Asis IP celebrates 50 licensing lawyers in 15 juris...
The winners of the 2014 Asia IP Awards have been announced. Gregory Glass reports from Penang, where he catches up with the winners.
The Nominees Are…   2014-10-31
It is the time of year to honour the best copyright, patent and trademark firms across 16 jurisdictions in Asia, but besides the celebration, lawyers talk with Johnny Chan about the trends, challenges...
A Guide to Asia's Patent Laws
Patent lawyers are a unique breed - part lawyer, part scientist, part tech guru, Asia IP celebrates 50 patent lawyers in 15 juridsictions around Asia and the Pacific who we believe are among the best ...
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