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China establishes the fourth IP court at Hainan Free Trade Port

The country is determined to enhance protection for both domestic and foreign companies.

China's Supreme People's Court Releases Enforcement of IP Judgments

On December 10, 2020, China’s Supreme People’s Court released its Guidelines for Enforcement of Inte...

Australian law firms remain profitable, despite Covid-19

A report says that law firms are reexamining the need to work from ‘premium towers’ post-coronavirus...

Fashion and intellectual property: Some designers are sharing, selling their garment patterns

What are the risks and how can fashion designers prevent misuse of intellectual property?

Care to share? The pros and cons of IP sharing

IP lawyers from around the world delve into the pros and cons of the sharing of intellectual propert...

IP matters to remember when the company is on the verge of closing down

If Covid-19 has forced you out of business, your IP probably still has value. Lawyers explain how yo...

The value of IP assets in the time of pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a complete overhaul of traditional businesses. Here's where IP ass...

Reports offer insight into the future of IP

What does the future of intellectual property look like?

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