Gump Wang

Gump Wang

Founding Partner

Uni-intel Patent and Trademark Law Firm


3F, Tower A, GT International Center
Jia-3, Yongandongli, Jianwai Ave, Chaoyang District Beijing 100022



+86 10 8260 0492

E-mail Address:

Gump Wang

Areas of Expertise

Patents, Trademarks, Enforcement, IP Litigation, Licensing & Franchising, IT & Telecoms


Gump Wang is the founding partner and a patent attorney at Uni-intel. Wang received his B.S. from Changchun University of Science and Technology in 2002 and then started working as a patent engineer in the IP department of one of top Fortune 500 global companies. He also worked for two top Chinese patent firms in Beijing for seven years. From 2007 to 2010, Wang moved to Japan and worked for a Japanese patent firm in Osaka for 3 years. Having been a pragmatic practitioner for more than 20 years, Wang has handled thousands of patent cases for clients around the globe. Besides managing Uni-intel, he also works for the Beijing patent attorney association as a vice president.


He is conversant with drafting and preparation of application documents for patents and excels in dealing with prosecution, reexamination and invalidation cases. Wang is also an expert in providing FTO opinion and patent infringement analysis and has represented many clients in patent-related administrative and infringement lawsuits. Wang specializes in the technical fields of mechanical and electrical engineering in general, including automobiles, home appliances, textile machines, semiconductors, telecommunications, etc. His working languages are Chinese, English and Japanese.

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