Takenori Hiroe

Takenori Hiroe

Managing Partner

Hiroe & Associates


4-3, Usa 3-chome
Gifu City 500-8368



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Takenori Hiroe

Areas of Expertise

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Licensing & Franchising


Takenori Hiroe is the founding partner of Hiroe & Associates(H&A). After graduating  from Gifu University in 1971 he worked for the R&D department of Japan Vilene Co., Ltd. in Tokyo. He obtained his patent attorney’s license in 1978 and founded H&A in 1979.  In February 2004 Takenori was registered as an Intellectual Property Law Infringement Lawyer. In 2011 he received the Medal of Merit from the emperor of Japan for his longstanding services as a patent attorney. To this date, he has been involved in numerous patent and trademark applications and proceedings, contributing to the protection of IP.

・1998 Delivered a lecture regarding Japanese Intellectual Property System at AIPLA conference in Florida. / June 2001 Received the JPO Commissioner Award for outstanding practice of IP rights. / Apr. 2006-2007 Member of Conference on Brinks countermeasures against materials that infringe the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. / Jun. 2011 Recommended by the Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office to be a receiver of a Medal of Merit, and was awarded a Yellow Ribbon Medal by the Emperor of Japan.

 JPAA- A former member of International Activity Committee, Trademark Committee, Copyright Committee, Unfair Competition Prevention Law Committee and IP Enforcement Facilitation Committee.

Lectures- Lectures at seminars sponsored by Japan Intellectual Property Association, Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, JPO etc. He was also a part-time professor at Gifu University (2005-2017), and still regularly teaches extracurricular IP seminars there.

Typical work- IP rights disputes (eg, infringement cases), consultancy on licensing and agreements. He has the insightfulness and ability to instantly understand the content of a case, grasp the points of dispute and come up with the best solution


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