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S&O IP deals with the full range of IP matters in Laos, from registration and commercialization to the enforcement of IP rights, with a strong focus on trademarks and copyrights.

We regularly organize administrative raids against retailers, wholesalers and factories through the Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Intellectual Property. We conduct revolving raids that are designed to highlight the active processes of the enforcement programs of our clients. We provide comprehensive enforcement and investigative services for many leading brand owners.

Dan Greif, the S&O Director for SE Asia, has consistently been rated as one of the leading trademark lawyers in the Asia Pacific. Dan is the only trademark lawyer in SE Asia with the unique combination of 20 plus years in-house trademark experience in major roles along with extensive experience leading SE Asia law firm trademark/IP teams. Dan was International Trademark Counsel for THE COCA-COLA COMPANY and Senior Trademark Counsel for SONY CORPORATION.


20 Samsenthai Road,

Nongduang Nua Village Sikhittabong District, Vientiane 01020

Vientiane 01020



+856 20 5503 2400


+856 20 5503 2400

Contact Person:

Daniel Greif



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Beijing , China

Hong Kong

Almaty , Kazakhstan


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Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam

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