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LG Electronics sued by American mobile software company for patent infringement

The South Korean electronics behemoth has been sued in the United States for infringing another’s pa...

Shanghai high court upholds trademark infringement ruling for Fendi

A local expert comments on the case and provides tips to global brands on how to better protect thei...

Domain names and meta tags in trademark infringement

A travel agency in India used ‘Volvo’ in its domain name, meta tags and email ID.

American smart home company sues competitor for patent infringement

A local expert thinks that the case could be much more than a straightforward IP violation.

Study shows revenue opportunities are missed when the C-suite does not pay attention

The proliferation of trademarks and the corresponding increase in infringement present significant c...

China: Court rules on copyright infringement involving online games and live streaming

How will the new matters of IP protection of online protection of online games, mobile games and e-s...

Trademark infringement row over logo for campaign to buy New Zealand-made products

A white supremacist group misused the trademark on social media.

Taylor Swift sued by theme park over trademark infringement

Does the Utah company really think Swift’s recent album title and merchandise could cause confusion...

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