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Copyright infringement, software piracy at the heart of case won by diamond tech firm

Five companies in Surat, India were found guilty of infringing, illegally using pirated software.

The World Cup: FIFA does battle against IP infringers

With the World Cup’s knockout round set to begin, Espie Angelica A. de Leon looks at another mighty...

Thai sector collaborates with IPR owners to combat IP infringement

Thailand Is currently working with different sectors to combat IP infringement.

IP infringement and data misuse: The dark side of the dark web

The internet isn’t just Facebook and cat videos. The Dark Web is full of marketplaces selling counte...

“Visual effects” and “ocular impression” essential to prove design infringement

In a recent judgment passed by Delhi High Court, the court granted injunctive relief to Diageo Brand...

Copyright violations make up bulk of complaints by Indian users received by Google in July 2022

IP lawyer suggests ways to fight online infringement amid increasing complaints

Legal measures for intellectual property infringement in China

Intellectual property rights owners have witnessed a sea change in how their rights are protected in...

India SC court ruling on cognizability, non-bailability of copyright infringement brings clarity

Manisha Singh, co-founder and partner at Lex Orbis in New Delhi, said that the Supreme Court of Indi...

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