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Telecom minister stresses importance of IP protection to digital innovation, Smart Bangladesh

Bangladesh Patent Act must be analyzed, says legal practitioner

TRIPS and international pressure on high-income countries to accept TRIPS waiver

In the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there is an ever-growing urgent need to supply vaccine...

How skilled is a “Person Skilled In The Art” supposed to be?

Patent laws of various jurisdictions stipulate inventive step as one of the requirements for patenta...

WTO discussions on TRIPS waiver of patent rights stalled

Just when things were beginning to turn rosy, developments involving the proposed TRIPS waiver of pa...

Australia declares support for TRIPS waiver for Covid-19 vaccines

Trade Minister Dan Tehan confirmed this development to journalists in September 2021.

Indian IP laws and public health emergencies

How can the Indian Patents Act and the TRIPS Agreement can help the Indian government manage the pan...

Insights from India: The RCEP Free Trade Agreement

Three potentially damaging provisions of the RCEP FTA.

5 Things to Know About Myanmar IP Protection in 2017

As Myanmar continues to modernize its legal system, revisions to the country’s outdated IP law...