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Japan rejects bid from China to use “AINU” trademark for products

A Chinese IP expert thinks the rejection is reasonable as any other country would do the same to pro...

IPOPHL extends Juana Make a Mark Program to empower 1,000 more women-led MSMEs

The initiative is also part of the recent celebration of National Women's Month

"Fish Selling Bro" files trademark application in China - until someone beats him to it

While the case might appear to be over for the "Fish Selling Bro", one lawyer thinks that this is th...

Shanghai high court upholds trademark infringement ruling for Fendi

A local expert comments on the case and provides tips to global brands on how to better protect thei...

Determination of jurisdiction when an arbitration clause is part of a contract

Siddhast Intellectual Property Innovations Pvt. Ltd v. The Controller General of Patents Designs Tra...

The checkered journey of software secrecy to patents

Publishers of software and computer programs have long struggled with how to provide their creations...

International Trademark Association board adopts resolutions to strengthen anticounterfeiting enforcement

INTA calls for increased enforcement capabilities and innovative legal frameworks.

Barcodes as trademarks

A unique trademark infringement suit in India involving barcodes

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