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Get Set Go – Is India ready for the implementation of new data privacy legislation?

We are living in a Digital Age. Whether we are shopping online or accessing our social media account...

Protecting software and computer-implemented inventions

Software is now a vital part of innovation across various sectors, but many nations lack sufficient...

Law firms and legal teams should harness data

Harnessing data serves clients, is good for business

Damages need to be proven, says IP lawyer

Lawyer shares thoughts on copyright infringement suit involving Singaporean firm and U.S. software c...

Copyright infringement, software piracy at the heart of case won by diamond tech firm

Five companies in Surat, India were found guilty of infringing, illegally using pirated software.

LG Electronics sued by American mobile software company for patent infringement

The South Korean electronics behemoth has been sued in the United States for infringing another’s pa...

The checkered journey of software secrecy to patents

Publishers of software and computer programs have long struggled with how to provide their creations...

New research shines light on software copyright litigation in China

Analysis reveals impressive win rates and high compensation for foreign software companies.