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Why your kids need to know their IP rights

Children are more likely to take pride in their creative works if they understand the worth of their...

2024 Paris Olympics: Touting the novelty of an opening ceremony by the river

Can a boat parade of athletes on the Seine be protected by copyright law?

Hong Kong IP office to issue electronic Certificates of Registration beginning on June 28, 2024

A good step toward going digital, but the IP office can do more, says laywer.

Law on guard of intellectual property

IP law is always in the focus of attention of the legislature. Enforcement is an inseparable part of...

Blockchain-based copyright protection platform’s effectiveness yet to be fully realized, says Kazakh IP lawyer

Authors still prefer to register works in Kazakhstan’s State Register of Rights to Copyrighted Objec...

Strategies to overcome rejections when marks in foreign language are considered both deceptive and lacking distinctiveness

In recent years, an increasing number of of trademark applications in China have been rejected due t...

Trademark prosecution issues reaching the ODG

To guide both trademark practitioners and applicants in determining the registrability risk that the...

The Philippines celebrates National Intellectual Property Month

The theme for the IP Month is “IP and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).”