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Eliza Jane Saunders joins Pearce IP as lawyer, patent attorney and trademark attorney

Saunders known as “a seasoned and ambitious life sciences patent litigator.”

Donna Meredith, Sian Hope join Pearce IP

Meredith joins as patent and trademark attorney, Hope as litigator.

The inevitability of natural justice under the Indian patent regime

Natural justice is an inseparable ingredient of procedural fairness and reasonableness. It is ranked...

Reverse engineering disassembled

While reverse engineering often comes with a negative connotation, particularly when it comes to pat...

TIPO now offering e-certificates for patent, trademark registration

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office has begun offering online certificates for patents and trade...

Contemnor to pay Rs20 million to Pfizer in Indian patent infringement case

Pfizer Inc. and its group companies filed a suit bearing no. CS (COMM) No. 442 of 2021 titled as Pfi...

Allira Hudson-Gofers joins Dentons’ patents team

Sydney-based lawyer brings patents, designs, strategy and commercialization expertise

Unpacking the complexity of amending a patent application in India

The Indian Patents Act (39 of 1970, hereinafter, the Act) allows amendment of a patent specification...

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