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Tesla sues battery manufacturer Tesla Power India for trademark infringement

Indian company’s business may be different but case may tilt in Tesla’s favour, says IP lawyer.

INTA 2024: An IP lawyer’s relationship with the C-Suite

One of the most challenging aspects of life as an in-house IP counsel is fostering and maintaining a...

Myanmar begins publication of applications under trademark law

Interested third parties can now file opposition to a published mark within 60 days of publication,...

Tangail Saree recognition as Bangladesh GI product a pivotal stride toward preservation of legacy

GI tag also expands market reach, prevents other countries from claiming ownership of Tangail Saree.

Indonesia mandates trademark certificates for textile, footwear imports

This is motivated by the increasing circulation of imported goods in traditional markets and the inc...

INTA files intervention on interpretation of ‘article’ under India’s Designs Act, 2000

The International Trademark Association (INTA) has filed an intervention before the Delhi High Court...

Omesh Puri joins Anand and Anand as trademark partner

Ritu Bhargava also joins firm in Bengaluru.

Strategies to overcome rejections when marks in foreign language are considered both deceptive and lacking distinctiveness

In recent years, an increasing number of of trademark applications in China have been rejected due t...