Facebook launches the Rights Manager for content creators

07 October 2020

Facebook launches the Rights Manager for content creators

In keeping in line with the IP protection policy of Facebook, FB launched at the end of September 2020 the Facebook Rights Manager which is a content matching tool that lets the content creators uploading unique content - also images embedded on external websites - on Facebook or Instagram curb copyright infringement. The FB Rights Manager also ensures that content creators are able to search for parties that have used their images without their permission, proceeding to take the required action against them.

Here’s how it works. Original content creators can submit an application for the content they have created and want to protect, and Rights Manager then finds matching content on Facebook and Instagram. This is just an expansion of its earlier features which recognizes similar videos and audios, FB Rights Manager works by cross-referencing uploaded visual content against other user uploads across Facebook's platforms and alerting content owners to potential violations.

“I believe this has been bought into action now as there is a lot of legal controversy with the embedding of images on external websites which also needs resolution,” says Govind Kumar Chaturvedi, Trademark Attorney, LS Davar & Co, also a social media lawyer. “This will have enormous amounts of benefits for the content creators as today, a lot of content creators use these social media platforms to market themselves and show their skills and gain more followers. However, a lot of time, their original work is stolen by other users who steal credits to unjustly enrich themselves, and they justify the same by saying that they gave due credit. However, giving due credit is not just enough.”

He adds, “I believe that there are numerous Intellectual property rights that need protection over these social media platforms such as the Facebook marketplace, so I believe the tool to identify counterfeit goods could also be useful and moving. Even Instagram has pages wherein goods are sold so having these tools to incorporate would also be extremely helpful. A classic example is Amazon in India where the site asks you if you have a trademark registration before you are allowed to list a good. In due time, FB rights manager could also take a similar approach. However, I feel that the ability to search for infringing images has been a big leap in the right direction and is a welcome move to safeguard the original content creators.”

Is FB Rights Manager available in all countries with Facebook?

“As per my understanding, it is available in all countries but the creator has an option to enforce its rights worldwide or in particular countries,” says Chaturvedi.


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