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BIP Asia: Making IP investing accessible and easy in ASEAN

01 December 2022

BIP Asia: Making IP investing accessible and easy in ASEAN

At the 12th Business of IP Asia Forum held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre December 1, 2022, ASEAN Working Group on Intellectual Property Cooperation (AWGIPC) chair Rowel S. Barba boasted of numerous breakthroughs that support business needs, including the development of unified IP platforms and databases.

In his speech, he said, “Our ASEAN Patent Examination Cooperation (or ASPEC), for example, is a patent work-sharing program among ASEAN IP Offices that reduces duplication; shares search and examination results; and produces quality reports helpful for inventors and investors alike.”

The ASEAN IP Portal, a portal that compiles data on ASEAN IP systems and comparative IP-related statistics, was made possible by the AWGIPC, he continued. The site also provides a unique route for all IP markets of ASEAN IP offices, enabling IP rights holders to put up their IPs for sale or licensing, and allowing investors to quickly look for their next innovation investment. Additionally, the AWGIPC has created a number of databases that are essential for gaining access to data on trademarks, patents, designs, and geographical indications.

He said, “In the near future, we hope to set up a portal to provide data and other legal and business information on the copyright-based industries in the ASEAN. In keeping with the IP capacity needs of emerging knowledge-based industries in the region, the AWGIPC also launched the ASEAN IP Academy, which aims to elevate businesses’ expertise in IP protection, creation, licensing and commercialization in the region.”

With the momentum of the recovery in ASEAN, Barba emphasized inclusive efforts. “We all know that MSMEs and under-resourced inventors and artists were among the sectors that suffered the most from the pandemic,” he said. “They are also the most vulnerable to its economic consequences. With this, the AWGIPC is working to establish an IP rights helpdesk for MSMEs to fill in gaps in their knowledge about the IP landscape and processes across ASEAN member states. In the months ahead, we hope to reach out to more MSMEs through our ASEAN IP Academy and the unwavering support of our international partners, such as the World Intellectual Property Organization.”

– Excel V. Dyquiangco

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