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West Bank resumes trademark office operations

21 March 2024

West Bank resumes trademark office operations

Jehad Ali Hasan, CEO, JAH Intellectual Property, Doha

The trademarks office in the West Bank has resumed normal operations, and all legal deadlines are to be complied with going forward. This is in response to the earlier decrees issued by the Palestinian Authorities declaring a state of emergency due to the ongoing war in Gaza, on which all legal deadlines were frozen until further notice.

“Due to the current situation in Gaza and West Bank, the Palestinian authority has been issuing consecutive monthly decrees extending the period of state of emergency as of October 2023, leading to the suspension of all legal deadlines and services offered by the trademarks office until January 7, 2024, which is the date the trademarks office has resumed back its normal operations,” said Jehad Ali Hasan, CEO at JAH Intellectual Property in Doha. 

Mohcine Fattah, IP Senior Director, JAH Intellectual Property, Doha

Mohcine Fattah, an IP senior director at the same company, added: “All legal deadlines are to be complied with. Furthermore, all services provided by the trademarks office can be smoothly carried out on a normal basis. We believe in the coming months that the trademark office in the West Bank will be giving its best to maintain its normal operation under the current situation.

- Excel V. Dyquiangco

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