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 Pravin Anand

Pravin Anand

Managing Partner and Head of Litigation

Anand and Anand





E-mail Address:

Pravin Anand

Areas of Expertise

Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Enforcement, IP Litigation, Licensing & Franchising, Media & Entertainment, Pharma & Biotech


The first Indian to receive the AIPPI Award of Merit, INTA’s President’s Award, the first from India to be inducted in the IAM IP Hall of Fame 2022, recognized as the “Most Innovative Lawyer” for Asia Pacific by Financial Times, recipient of the ‘Global IP Legend of the Year’ award at the Legal Era 2023 IP Awards, honoured as the ‘IP Lawyer of the Decade’ and decorated with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for 2012-13, Pravin Anand’s reputation precedes him. 


Pravin brings with him a seminal body of work – having appeared in over 3,000 cases and having successfully resolved many hundreds with landmark orders in over 43 years of his practice as an IP lawyer.


Credited with strengthening India’s IP jurisprudence and designated an “IP Trailblazer” by leading benchmarking bodies, Pravin has to his credit lawsuits that have transformed the patent landscape, including the pharmaceutical and bio-technology enforcement regime in India with cases like Merck v. Glenmark, Roche v. Cipla, the Monsanto case and a large number of other suits on behalf of Pfizer, BMS, AstraZeneca, etc.


He has broken new grounds in Indian IP jurisprudence with India’s first anti-anti-suit injunction (InterDigital v. Xiaomi); India's first pro-tem security order in favour of Nokia; the Nokia-Lenovo multi-technology multi-year agreement; a software patent law suit conferring protection (the Ferid Allani case); development of damages culture in large number of cases that recognized not only punitive, but compensatory, exemplary and aggravated damages (Philips v. AmazeStore); India’s first post-trial SEP judgment (Philips v. Bhagirathi); development of unique remedies such as the “Tree Planting Order” (Merck case); and an order benefitting adolescent girls (Hermes case).

The prestigious Financial Times ranks the firm highly for its dexterity and digital preparedness. As for Pravin Anand, who received the FT Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2015 Award, it says: “Over his 36 years career, Pravin Anand has arguably done more than any other individual to advance intellectual property infrastructure in India.”


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