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Dismissed copyright case in India has significant implications for IP practice in the country

The limitations of copyright in protecting industrial design and other key takeaways from the case

Interesting argument in copyright infringement case involving Harper’s Bazaar India, celebrity news agency

Disabling an entire social media page v. disabling just the infringing content

Singaporean writers reject use of their works to train LLM for gov’t project

An email sent to the writers described the project but failed to address copyright matters.

2024 Paris Olympics: Touting the novelty of an opening ceremony by the river

Can a boat parade of athletes on the Seine be protected by copyright law?

Swiss philosopher sues former Chinese student of copyright infringement

Professor Iso Kern is suing Ni Liangkang, a philosophy professor at Zhejiang University, and the Com...

Reality TV show in India sends copyright violation notices to startup participants

The defences available to the startups plus the biggest takeaway from this copyright infringement in...

Singaporean photographer wins appeal in copyright case against artist from Luxembourg

Court decision essential in today’s information age, a triumph for copyright holders, says IP lawyer

Indian music composer cries foul over unauthorized use of song for upcoming flick Coolie

A discussion of India’s Copyright Act and why the composer is doing the right thing