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Special drive to dispose old pending trademark applications in India to be held in April

22 March 2024

Special drive to dispose old pending trademark applications in India to be held in April

India’s Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks (CGPDTM) issued a public notice regarding Special Drive for Old Pending TM Applications dated March 5, 2024.

The public notice reads: “With a view to dispose the old pending TM Applications, which are long pending for show cause hearings and where, in most of the cases, the service address/email address has not been updated, the CGPDTM will hold a ‘Special drive’ between April 08, 2024 to April 25, 2024 to call the applicant/their agent(s) or attorney(ies) to appear for the show cause hearings.”

Sonal Madan, Partner, Chadha & Chadha, New Delhi

Applicants or their duly authorized agents are therefore advised to visit their Trademarks Registry branch office with the necessary supporting documents for physical hearings on the dates indicated in the public notice.

“The invitation for physical show-cause hearings for long pending trademark applications demonstrates a commitment to expedite the resolution of such applications. This initiative, along with previous efforts such as the ‘special drive for disposal of IP disputes’ launched in August 2022, underscores the CGPDTM’s dedication to fostering a conducive environment for IP protection and enforcement,” said Sonal Madan, a partner at Chadha & Chadha in New Delhi.

“Moreover, such special drives coupled with the ongoing digitization initiatives for trademark hearings signal a progressive move towards modernization and accessibility within the Indian Trade Marks Office,” added Madan.

According to her, these measures are aligned with the CGPDTM’s goal to resolve a significant number of trademark applications and oppositions by 2025.

- Espie Angelica A. de Leon

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