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Thai sector collaborates with IPR owners to combat IP infringement

15 November 2022

Thai sector collaborates with IPR owners to combat IP infringement

In its efforts to combat the problem of intellectual property (IP) infringement in the nation, the government has made progress.

For the purpose of preventing and repressing intellectual property crimes in the Thai advertising sector, the Ministry of Commerce has collaborated with Thai advertising groups and IPR owners.

In relation to online advertising and intellectual property rights, they agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding. The goal of this collaboration is to promote the government's soft power strategy and increase investor trust in both the Thai and international communities.

According to deputy commerce minister Sinit Lertkrai, the ministry has made it a priority to promote national development by using intellectual property as a tool to enhance the value of goods and services. He said that the ministry understands how IP helps Thai business owners become more competitive.

He said that Thailand will win over commercial partners by pursuing IP infringement suppression and mitigation. Additionally, it will promote advantageous trade and investment climate, particularly in the electronic commerce, advertising, and digital content sectors.





- Excel V. Dyquiangco

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