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Bridgestone wins tyre patent infringement lawsuit in China

A Chinese patent expert dissects the case inside out.

AutoStore sues Ocado for infringing technology patents central to the Ocado Smart Platform

The legal battle between an automated storage and retrieval systems pioneer and an UK FTSE 100-liste...

Harumanis GI mark only for mangoes grown in Perlis

Mango farmers outside Perlis using the name “Harumanis” to label their own mangoes warned that they...

Taiwan’s fingerprint sensor developer sues tech firm for patent infringement in China

A patent expert shows what steps should be taken before seeking help from courts.

The grant of interim injunctions in lawsuits

Most cases in India come to some form of resolution after the interim injunction stage, which reduce...

Can manufacture for export cause patent infringement?

Injunction for Sitagliptin manufacture and export.

Doctrine of Equivalents Challenged in Singapore

Reaffirmation of Singapore patent construction law.

Role of Key Design Features in Design Patent Infringement Evaluation

What is the best way to evaluate a design patent infringement?

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